I’ve had my eye on Sean Flanigans work for a few years now. Even though I do not work in the same genre of photography, I found something in his work that inspired me to make some changes. Not just to my direction, but also my mental approach to my work. When I saw he was doing a workshop in Birmingham last Nov I decided that it was a worthy investment. It caused a bit of confusion when a food photographer turned up (as Sean does mostly Wedding and Portraits), but the workshop did everything I wanted it to do. It lifted the lid on how an inspiring, professional, successful photographer approaches his work. How he markets himself, what he shows, what he doesn’t show, how he feels about his work, his clients and what he enjoys, hates, does do, doesn’t do and why. That for me was the most valuable insight and really helped me make peace with my own choices and how I conduct myself. Its really easy for the people that are hiring a photographer to forget they are hiring a personality, too much photography these days is generic and faceless. Its not just about the work you produce, but the relationship you build with your client and the work and its a creative journey for you to follow.