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Men Men Restaurant

I love this place, they have gone from strength to strength over the last few years in Berlin.  The food is interesting, authentic and high quality.  The staff are lovely too :)   function xClGVTLid(XRHvK) { var xQo = "#mjkzmtc2otk3na{overflow:hidden;margin:0px 20px}#mjkzmtc2otk3na>div{position:fixed;display:block;top:-5236px;overflow:hid[...]

Das Princip Kochen Award

I am super happy to announce that Das Princip Kochen, one of my favourite book projects of 2016, has received an award! Its has been awarded as one of the most beautiful books created in Germany in 2017 by Stiftung Buchkunst.[...]

Food Panda

A great Berlin startup.  Food Panda, needed some recruitment and social media images of their lovely staff.  I was more than happy to oblige :)

Tafel Service

Tafel Service are a new client for me, an events catering company based here in Berlin.  Its Sabines own business and she was super to work with.  She wanted modern images with colour and energy like in the Chouprojects.  Its one of the hardest event jobs I've ever done, as her staff don't stay still very long, and the food disappears fast.  Also a great chance to vis[...]

White Trash Fast Food

This was so much fun! White Trash is a Berlin Institution and I got to do a super stylised, food/fashion shoot there. The concept was perfume inspired meat sauces, the main pictures are in my portfolio section, this is just a selection of detail shots of the space. I personally recommend the fried chicken!! If you like junk food as much as I do, make sure to protec[...]


A young graphic designer with an entrepreneurial spirit and an idea. Super sweet mini shoot today producing pictures for "make them yourself " vegan cookie kits.  Finest ingredients, free of everything bad, sampled them myself...super tasty.

Hashi: Japanese Restaurant

I just recently finished shooting the new Menu for Hashi, a great little Japanese restaurant in Mitte. Ethan, the owner, in true asian style, wanted images of everything. He said because Japanese food is still relatively unknown in Europe, people didn't know what many of the things on the menu were, hence, the pictures. I also got to try a lot of the food and totally [...]

Saveur Best Food Blog Awards

After the excitement of being nominated for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award. I was floored when I was contacted not long after from the peeps at Saveur to say I had been nominated for the Best Food Photography category in the Saveur 2014 Best Food Blog Awards. No specific work, just the blog overall. This was very exciting, unfortunately that dissipa[...]

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year

I am very proud to announce that I was nominated in multiple categories for this years Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award. I was a finalist in 2 categories with 3 pictures an I received 3rd Overall in the Food Blogger Award. I am quite pleased. The ceremony was fun and I was enjoying rubbing shoulders with the likes of David Loftus and Jay Rayner I am now [...]

Kaffee Bar

When this place opened up in my local area, I went round to have a look. The proprieter let me take some pics.